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Common Litigation Myths Debunked! Part III

In the last segment in this series, I discussed myths surrounding settlement. This segment focuses on a myth about the discovery phase of litigation. Myth #3: Discovery is just an expensive waste of time. Of the several aspects of litigation that clients find the most irksome, the discovery process may top the list. Discovery is Read More

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Common Litigation Myths Debunked! Part II

In Part I of this series, I addressed the myth that lawyers must respond aggressively in all aspects of litigation to be effective. Now I want to focus on a related myth: that settlement connotes either weakness or liability. Myth #2: If you settle, it is probably because you were going to lose at trial. Read More

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Common Litigation Myths Debunked! Part I

In today’s competitive business climate, litigation has become an increasingly common, and often necessary, tool for businesses to protect and defend their interests.  It is perhaps unfortunate, but it’s often a mark of success for a business to be involved in litigation because it means it has established itself well enough to attract the interest Read More

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Realistic Expectations in Litigation

In Litigation, Realistic Expectations are Crucial As a litigator, every client I meet asks me at some point during the case whether he or she is going to “win.” While reasonable, this question is difficult to answer, particularly when a client appears to have the facts or the law substantially on his side. If a Read More

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Mediation

When I recommend mediation to my clients, they often react with surprise, assuming the process will be nothing more than an expensive waste of time.  They believe that the inability of the parties to settle a case on their own with the assistance of competent counsel means that dedicating any time and resources to a Read More

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Can Patience with Your Clients Cost You Money?

For many business owners, a willingness to work with clients regarding any outstanding invoices comes naturally.  But some clients, either because of financial hardship or because they are not happy with some aspect of the work or services performed, or the cost associated with it, take advantage of complacent business owners—sometimes to the point of Read More

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