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Managing a business with employees requires constant attention to the challenges of maintaining a productive workforce. Part of this effort must be directed to ensuring compliance with government employment standards and industry best practices. The attorneys at The Strong Firm P.C. are dedicated to counseling business managers on how to achieve these goals and to avoid workplace disputes and other business interruptions. With efficient problem-solving as a top priority, we have helped countless clients to overcome legal hurdles and focus on their business goals. Based in The Woodlands, Texas, our firm counsels and represents businesses in the Greater Houston area and throughout the state.

Knowledgeable attorneys draft contracts and provide compliance guidance

We assist employers with adherence to best practices for managing their workforce effectively and promoting a professional environment geared toward optimal productivity. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of employment counseling, such as:

  • Compliance — We counsel management on how to comply with federal and state laws and regulations governing employer-employee relationships, including wage and hour restrictions, family leave benefits and prohibitions on discrimination and other unfair treatment.
  • Employee handbooks — Internal documents setting forth company personnel policies and procedures must be carefully composed to provide clarity and prevent ambiguity. We assist not only in drafting handbooks but also in reviewing them in view of court interpretations and other changes in the legal landscape.
  • Status classification — Defining workers as employees or independent contractors is subject to restrictions and carries legal consequences. We are skilled at making sure independent contractor agreements are properly drawn up and do not run afoul of state or federal law.
  • Employment agreements — We experienced at drafting employment contracts that govern such essential provisions as compensation, severance, confidentiality, noncompetition and nonsolicitation.
  • Confidential material — Trade secrets, proprietary information, customer lists and private records are all valuable assets that require protection. We have deep experience preparing agreements and other legal devices to restrict your employees from illicit sharing of these properties.

We can also draft agreements designed to protect your company’s goodwill, brand and reputation against disparagement or unfair competition.

Skilled Texas litigators defend employers against discrimination complaints

Legal disputes may arise even at a company that is diligent about legal and regulatory compliance. An employee’s claim of harassment, discrimination, retaliation or other misconduct can become a legal quagmire. Our team of experienced professionals helps companies deal with such potential liabilities as:

  • Internal investigations — Whether an employee complaint is made formally or informally, a prompt and decisive response can help mitigate exposure to damages. We assist management in getting to the truth of the allegations in order to take appropriate legal action.
  • Administrative enforcement — When the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) investigate charges of harassment, discrimination or retaliation, we are skilled at responding and coming up with workable solutions that may avoid having to go to court.
  • Litigation — Whenever possible, we seek to have claims dismissed or to negotiate a fair settlement. When litigation is the only solution, we are experienced at defending against charges of discrimination and other misconduct in federal and state court.

We also provide counsel and defense in wage and hour contests and in all other employment disputes.

The Strong Firm on Employment Law

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At The Strong Firm P.C., our attorneys provide committed legal support for businesses across various industries in Texas. From our office in The Woodlands, we represent employers in the Greater Houston area and throughout the state. If your business needs help in counseling and compliance or in litigating employment issues, call us at 281-367-1222 or contact us online.

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