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How to Avoid Having Undue Influence Invalidate Your Parent’s Will

If your elderly parent has no will, for whatever reason, it can be difficult to make them understand why they need one. Without a will, the estate passes according to the state’s laws of inheritance. This means certain types of property may be treated differently than others, which can result in certain loved ones being Read More

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When a Texas Business is Required to Register in a Different State

The use of social media and e-commerce has allowed even the smallest of small business retailers to market and sell goods outside of their home state.  In fact, many “one-person shop” retailers that rely solely on distribution through popular e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Etsy attribute the majority of total annual revenue to sales Read More

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Arbitration: Hoskins’ Choice

Courts have historically been protective of arbitration awards and reluctant to overturn them.  However, the level of deference to arbitration awards was significantly increased by the Texas Supreme Court’s recent decision in Hoskins v. Hoskins.[1]  In Hoskins the Court expressly overruled two common law basis for challenging arbitration rulings[2], and found that an arbitrator’s ruling Read More

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Personal Guarantees for Commercial Leases – a Negotiation inside a Negotiation.

In times when the economy is down, it is no surprise that commercial tenant defaults increase.  During those periods, it is also not surprising to see landlords become more firm about requiring personal guarantees of commercial leases.  Typically, the individual signing a commercial lease is doing so on behalf of their capacity as an officer Read More

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