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April 2016
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Finding Funding for Your New Business

Thinking about starting or buying a new or existing business?  While that decision is undoubtedly a hard one, the next decision can be equally, if not even more, difficult.  How did I pay for it?  How to fund the purchase of a business is a question that we have help clients through countless times at Read More

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Estate Planning: One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Part I (Over Planning)

With the increase of software packages and online companies that provide forms to complete your estate planning many people think their wills or trusts should be “one size fits all.”  Unfortunately, there are very few things in the law that apply equally well to all people and all circumstances and estate planning is no exception.  Read More

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Registered Agents for Texas Entities

Section 5.201(b) of Texas Business Organizations Code (the “TBOC”) requires that every domestic or foreign filing entity (including without limitation, any limited liability company, corporation, limited partnership, non-profit corporation, and professional association) maintain a registered agent and a registered address in Texas.  Failure to comply with these statutory requirements will result in the Secretary of Read More

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Business Owner Planning: Money Now or Business Later

Let’s be honest, not every child is looking to own or run the family business.  Many children would be happier to receive a lump sum of money and be done with it.  Not surprisingly, clients are often looking for advice on how to avoid a family squabble when one child wants to own/run the business Read More

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