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January 2016
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Do This. Don’t Do That – Exclusive, Permitted and Prohibited Uses

Exclusive use clauses are relatively common during commercial lease negotiations.  An exclusive use clause prohibits a landlord from leasing to another tenant for the same business purpose as the existing tenant.  For example, a tenant that operates mainly as a seafood restaurant might seek to prohibit the landlord from leasing space to another restaurant tenant Read More

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Is Time Really of the Essence?

Is Time Really of the Essence? Time is of the Essence. Though many have seen these five words in a contract, few actually understand the legal impact of this provision.  Simply put, this provision means that if there are dates or deadlines contained in the contract, those dates are of critical importance, and strict compliance Read More

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Texas’ Open Carry Gun Law

Texas’ Open Carry Gun Law House Bill 910 (“HB 910”) became effective January 1, 2016.  The previous licensing structure permitted individuals to carry a concealed handgun under certain circumstances.  HB 910 amends the Alcoholic Beverage Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Education Code, Election Code, Family Code, Government Code, Health and Safety Code, Labor Code, Local Read More

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The Importance of an Active Lifestyle to Self and Community

Locally in The Woodlands, Texas, a master-planned community built around the concept of bringing nature and people together, an active lifestyle is always literally just outside your door.  Quoting from the web site of The Woodlands Development Company “With 131 forested parks and 205 miles of hike and bike trails, you can bike, walk, run, Read More

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