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October 2015
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The Carrot Mightier than the Stick – Using Incentives in Your Trust

Frequently people approach estate planning with their most challenging child in mind.  This is a natural and integral approach to constructing estate planning documents.  It allows parents to consider and approve planning that is directed toward their specific circumstances and goals.  However, it is important to remember that many times a positive motivator (i.e. a Read More

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The “Basis” for Good Planning: Using “Stepped-Up” Basis to Reduce Taxes

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to consider the income tax implications of gift giving and not just the estate tax implications.  For the majority of people, estate taxes are a non-issue due to the increase in the exclusion amount for US citizens.  However, income tax continues to impact everyone.  Therefore, an estate Read More

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The Personal Guaranty of a Commercial Lease: A Tenant’s Perspective

For many of our clients entering into a commercial lease as a Tenant, the Landlord will often require that one or more of the principals or owners in the endeavor sign a personal guaranty.  In most cases, unless the company is a large national company with an established track records, Landlords will refuse to lease Read More

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Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate

Due diligence is the process and efforts a purchaser uses to inspect real property in order to be informed as to the details of the asset being purchased.  Purchasers who fail to undertake a thorough investigation risk purchasing property that does will not serve their best interests or needs.  For example, the property may have Read More

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