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June 2015
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Our Home in Hughes Landing –The Dust Is Beginning to Settle

It is hard to believe that this summer The Strong Firm will celebrate one year in Hughes Landing.  When we arrived to our new offices in August of 2014, we did so based upon the vision and promise of The Howard Hughes Corporation of a magnificent 66 acre development built on the banks of Lake Read More

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One on the Bench or Twelve in the Box: Strategic Considerations in Requesting a Jury

Modern litigation is a game of inches. It is increasingly rare that cases are won or lost based with a single piece of evidence, or the ruling on one motion. Instead, the parties spend months, or even years, engaging in a series of small skirmishes over jurisdiction, venue, choice of law, discovery, and procedure, seeking Read More

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Work-Life Balance

While browsing on LinkedIn the other day, I stumbled across the following quote posted by a shared connection, “There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth  fighting for unbalances your life.” -Alain de Botton I felt uneasy after reading it mostly because it goes against most of the professional advice I have received Read More

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