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February 2015
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The Nondisclosure Agreement: A Valuable Tool in the Protection of Intellectual Property and Confidential/Proprietary Information

When buying or selling a business, considering a joint venture, or even evaluating a vendor, supplier, or contractor, you should always be aware of the risks of disclosing and receiving intellectual property and other proprietary or confidential information, such as customer information, marketing strategies, pricing information, trade secrets, knowhow, and vendor/supplier information prior to the Read More

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Pro Se is Not Always the Right Way

            A pro se litigant is a person appearing before a court on their own behalf, rather than being represented by legal counsel.  As scary and risky as it sounds, you would be surprised how often it happens in practice.  It is a well-settled constitutional right for an individual to have Read More

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The number of people opting to go into business for themselves typically has a correlative relationship with the health and stability of our economy.  When the economy is up, so is the number of new businesses being started.  What type and “brand” of business is the first decision of many one will make in starting Read More

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Dying Intestate

I have heard, and even said, the following: “You have a Will even if you didn’t know it.  The State of Texas wrote it for you.”  Texas law provides the freedom for individuals to choose how their estate is distributed at death by executing a valid Last Will and Testament.  When a person dies in Read More

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