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Probate Basics

Very simply, probate is the procedure by which a handwritten or typewritten will is proved in court to be valid and enforceable.  Frequently this includes appointing someone to handle the affairs of the estate with the end goal being distribution of the estate.  Probate must take place within four years of death and an attorney Read More

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Planned Parenthood: Using Your Estate Plan to Guide the Next Generation

People often think of estate planning as an exercise for the wealthy or elderly.  The reality for parents is that estate planning is your opportunity to decide how the assets you gather during life will be utilized to shape your family’s future. Your estate planning opportunities are not limited to cookie-cutter gifts to your spouse Read More

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Small Business Association Loans: Funding Your New Business with an SBA Loan

Thinking about starting a new or buying an existing business?  While that decision is undoubtedly a hard one, the next decision can be equally, if not even more, difficult. How do I pay for it?  How to fund the purchase of a business is a question that we have helped clients through countless times at Read More

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Blanket Easements – Not Warm and Fuzzy

An easement (sometimes referred to as a right-of-way) is a grant from a landowner to another party of the right to use property in some way and are very common in both urban and rural areas.  Conversely with the grant of a right, easements also have the effect of partially restricting the landowner’s use of Read More

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