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Residential Real Estate

Providing for yourself and your family by buying and owning a home is at the heart of the American dream. An investment in residential real estate is the single biggest investment and decision that the majority of Americans will make in their lifetimes. Buyers generally spend months with seasoned real estate professionals pouring over real estate listings and visiting properties trying to find that perfect home.

While shopping for a home, buyers contemplate many factors such as: best location, finest schools, and most affordable property taxes. When selling their home, sellers work to obtain the best price, the most qualified buyers, and the easiest and most cost effective means to a sale to maximize their return.

Commercial Real Estate

A commercial real estate transaction involving a place of business or a real estate investment typically involves substantial capital and specialized legal issues. Challenges with commercial real estate transactions can be significant and may include costly inconveniences and losses including:

  • Undisclosed environmental hazards resulting in expensive delays for the business
  • Real estate dispute or litigation could derail a thriving business
  • Difficulties with the title could leave the buyer and their tenants without a place to do business
  • Problems with property acquisition could cause buyers to tie up their capital indefinitely
  • Delays with the sale could result in opportunity costs for sellers

An experienced real estate law firm, knowledgeable of The Woodlands commercial real estate market, can assist you in avoiding these potential pitfalls.

At The Strong Firm P.C., our commercial real estate attorneys pay meticulous attention to every detail of your real estate transaction. Our firm provides a full range of services related to the ownership, management, leasing, and operation of commercial real estate including the following:

  • Sale
  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Operation of commercial property Leasing (office, industrial, and retail)
  • Drafting and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Review and resolution of title matters
  • Coordination of operational arrangements
  • Evaluation associated with the sale of commercial properties

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If you are looking for a commercial or residential real estate attorney in The Woodlands, find out how our qualified legal team can help with all your real estate needs. Please contact The Strong Firm P.C. to set up your initial consultation with your personal real estate attorney today!

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Strong In Action

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    The Strong Firm represents borrower in $42.3 million HUD construction loan for multifamily real estate development in Walton County, Florida.

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  • Spring 2019

    The Strong Firm acts as legal counsel for borrower in $32.1 million HUD construction loan for multifamily real estate development in Conroe, Texas.

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    The Strong Firm aids borrower in $31.7 million HUD construction loan for multifamily real estate development in Nueces County, Texas.

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  • Spring 2019

    The Strong Firm represents borrower in the refinancing of a $3.57 million commercial mortgage-backed security for a commercial office facility in Montgomery County, Texas.

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