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Dear Friends,

I am incredibly excited to share with you that The Strong Firm P.C. is a Community Partner in Action for the H5 Cycling “Rides The Rockies To Beat Cancer” Campaign and that I will personally be riding 400+ miles in the Colorado Rockies along with 9 other community leaders to help the fight against cancer!

It happens. My life has been significantly impacted by cancer.  I was raised by a single mom, along with my three siblings, after we lost my father in an auto accident when I was just 4 years old.   My aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who lived close by in our Indiana town were instrumental in raising me and my brothers and sister while my mom worked many different jobs to make ends meet.  In my teens I lost two of those grandparents to cancer.  While I was in law school, I received a call from my mother, the single strongest person I have ever known, telling me she had lung cancer.  Three weeks later, cancer took her life and left me an orphan.  In its wake, cancer also left my five children having never gotten to know the greatest role model in my life.  Over the years, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and clients have all battled cancer.  Cancer is relentless and put simply, it sucks.

We’re all in this together…Cancer unfortunately is something nearly all of us will be forced to deal with at some point in our lives.  Nearly one million Americans are diagnosed with some form of cancer each year. Cancer does not discriminate. It attacks the young and old alike. Anybody. It can or will eventually strike you or someone you deeply care about. Perhaps a friend, parent, brother, sister, or even one of your children. Statistics are what they are.

The fight goes on. My mother taught me with her approach to life, along with her grace in death, that this life does not promise you tomorrow and you need to fight everyday for those things that are important to God, loved ones and yourself.  When I was attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, my mother used to love to visit and go to the mountains.  It is in these same mountains that we will ride for six days to help fight this terrible killer. I will be thinking of her throughout.  She would appreciate this ride and this fight more than I.  I have several friends and family members right in the middle of the battle as I write this letter. My guess is you do to. It is for all individuals that have either fought the fight, are fighting it now, or will in the future that we ride to help.

Here’s how you can join us. With the coordinated support of and the American Cancer Society we have set up a simple easy-to-use donation website.   Any donation, as little as $10.00 would be greatly appreciated. To check it out go to:  The Strong Firm will match up to a total of $2500.00 in donations made by friends and family of the firm.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) provides a wide array of cancer related support for patients and their families, however we chose to direct donated funds to do two things: (1) continue to support research for cures (a must) and (2) provide assistance to those who are under-resourced and unable to afford transportation to receive life-saving treatment. An alarming number of individuals needing lifesaving treatment face the challenge of simply getting to treatment.  Can you imagine a child forsaking a cure due to not being able to access treatment? Unthinkable and unacceptable.

So you know 100% goes to ACS… As far as the costs associated with our ride (fees, lodging, food, transportation, etc.), we are handling that on our own. The funds you donate ALL go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Something else we want to know from YOU: Our ACS Crowdrise website has a place you can specify a name or names of persons we can honor with our shared effort. We want to know. We want you to know we ride for them.

Lastly, a word about the Ride The Rockies event itself. The ride will take place Sunday June 12 – Friday June 17, 2016. It will feature riders from all 50 states and 19 other nations. The rider group is limited to 2000 riders and the selection was determined by lottery. We have included the course on the website just in case you wanted to check it out. As you can imagine, it will be quite challenging.  Thin air, long vertical ascents, and unpredictable weather.  Ride On!

We invite you to join the fight if you can by making a donation to ACS via Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the campaign.

Many blessings,


Bret Strong

Attorney and Managing Shareholder

The Strong Firm P.C.

And Proud Member of

H5 Cycling


H5 Cycling Community Partners in Action:


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