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Rent-to-Own: Too Good to be True?

Texas lease-options, or “rent-to-own” contracts in layman’s terms, are often looked at as a simple solution to a common problem, but prospective tenants/buyers too often pursue lease-options without understanding what they are signing up for.  In its simplest form, a lease-option is a standard lease of real property coupled with an option to purchase the Read More

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Cotenancy: Unique Relationship of Co-Ownership

There are many situations where attorneys must address a client’s co-ownership issues.  The basis of a cotenancy relationship is each owner’s (non-exclusive) right to use, occupy and possess each part of the property.  Cotenants may not exclude other cotenant owners from possessing, using or occupying the same part or parcel.  Texas law recognizes three forms Read More

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Risk of Buying a Property at a Foreclosure Sale

  Client:                           “I’m buying a foreclosure property.” Attorney:                      “OK, when is the sale?” Client:                           “Tomorrow” Attorney:                      “Have you completed any due diligence on the property?” Client:                           “Well…I drove past the property a couple of times.” Attorney:                      [after a long pause] “I am going to take that as a no.”   What is a “foreclosure Read More

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