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Don’t Fall for This Chinese Trademark Scam

Don’t Fall for This Chinese Trademark Scam A trademark is any word, name or symbol used to identify and distinguish goods and services. For business owners, trademarks provide an easy way to build customer loyalty and communicate the quality and source of goods and services. Businesses often spend a great deal of time and money Read More

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Distinctiveness: Selecting a Strong Trademark

Not all trademarks are created equal. A potential mark must be distinctive enough to allow consumers to distinguish the applicant’s goods or services from the goods and services of others. When reviewing a trademark application, trademark examiners analyze where the mark falls on a spectrum of distinctiveness. The more distinctive the mark, the easier it Read More

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Trademark Basics: Part I- What is a Trademark?

A lot goes into building a business—from nurturing an idea and developing a business plan, to raising capital and agonizing over what to call your fledgling endeavor – each piece is a vital part of the overall structure. Your business name and branding are the face of your company, and crucial to its success. The Read More

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Tips For Choosing an Executor

You have likely put a significant amount of time, effort and money into planning your estate, don’t throw it all away by picking the wrong executor. Ideally, your executor will administer your estate honestly, efficiently and in the best interest of your beneficiaries. Bad executors have the potential to waste your estate’s funds, destroy family Read More

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You’ve Been #Served

YOU’VE BEEN #SERVED Since 2013, the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure has seen a number of changes, including rules aimed at avoiding delays, limits on discovery, and the elimination of frivolous cases early in the litigation process. Texas attorneys even have the option to save time and money by serving certain court documents via email.  Read More

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Estate Planning in the Digital Age

Like many 20-and 30-somethings, my husband and I have long put off addressing our estate planning needs. Finally, after I had completed every last procrastination chore I could think of, I realized I was out of excuses and it was time to get drafting. While most people think to plan for the disposition of their Read More

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Fired Up: Avoid These Mistakes When Terminating “At Will” Employees

If you own a small business, you likely do not have the luxury of employing a designated human resource manager, leaving you with the unpleasant task of terminating employees. Avoiding several key mistakes can make the situation less stressful, and help avoid future unemployment claims. Texas is an “at will” employment state which means you Read More

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ADA Compliance in the Digital Age – Is Your Business Safe?

At the time of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) passage in 1990, no one could contemplate the volume of commerce that would eventually be conducted online. For most people, Title III of the ADA brings to mind things like lack of wheelchair access, acceptance of service animals, and accommodations for individuals with hearing and Read More

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