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Sometimes It’s not “One and Done”: Difficulties of Probating the Surviving Parent’s Estate

Difficulties of Probating the Surviving Parent’s Estate Texas has relatively efficient probate system.  It has been designed to provide a number of options to allow residents to select the least expensive and quickest method to probate an estate.  In fact, Texas has developed abbreviated probate proceedings to deal with small estates, including individuals that really Read More

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Risk of Buying a Property at a Foreclosure Sale

  Client:                           “I’m buying a foreclosure property.” Attorney:                      “OK, when is the sale?” Client:                           “Tomorrow” Attorney:                      “Have you completed any due diligence on the property?” Client:                           “Well…I drove past the property a couple of times.” Attorney:                      [after a long pause] “I am going to take that as a no.”   What is a “foreclosure Read More

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Realistic Expectations in Litigation

In Litigation, Realistic Expectations are Crucial As a litigator, every client I meet asks me at some point during the case whether he or she is going to “win.” While reasonable, this question is difficult to answer, particularly when a client appears to have the facts or the law substantially on his side. If a Read More

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Tips For Choosing an Executor

You have likely put a significant amount of time, effort and money into planning your estate, don’t throw it all away by picking the wrong executor. Ideally, your executor will administer your estate honestly, efficiently and in the best interest of your beneficiaries. Bad executors have the potential to waste your estate’s funds, destroy family Read More

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