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Signed, Sealed and Delivered – Documents in the Information Age

The world has been immersed in the Information Age (a/k/a the Digital Age) for decades now.  By way of example, the Texas Uniform Electronic Transactions Act governing electronic contracts passed legislation in 2001 (effective 2002) and received little attention at the time.  The purpose of such legislation was to encourage and facilitate commerce by validating Read More

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Probate: 5 Tools for Avoiding Probate in Texas

Texas has created a quick and (relatively speaking) inexpensive probate process that can be utilized in the majority of estates arising in Texas.  While there is no substitute for the planning and protections that can be achieved with the proper will or trust, there are limited circumstances in which the value of those protections may Read More

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The Local Impact of Sport: It’s Not Just the Dollars

From professional franchises that are valued in the billions (the Dallas Cowboys are valued by Forbes at $4 billion) down to local youth sports, there is no arguing the major impact of sport on global, regional and local societies. The direct economic impact from just a single sporting event can be significant and easy to Read More

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Estate Planning in the Digital Age

Like many 20-and 30-somethings, my husband and I have long put off addressing our estate planning needs. Finally, after I had completed every last procrastination chore I could think of, I realized I was out of excuses and it was time to get drafting. While most people think to plan for the disposition of their Read More

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