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December 2016
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Can Patience with Your Clients Cost You Money?

For many business owners, a willingness to work with clients regarding any outstanding invoices comes naturally.  But some clients, either because of financial hardship or because they are not happy with some aspect of the work or services performed, or the cost associated with it, take advantage of complacent business owners—sometimes to the point of Read More

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ADA Compliance in the Digital Age – Is Your Business Safe?

At the time of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) passage in 1990, no one could contemplate the volume of commerce that would eventually be conducted online. For most people, Title III of the ADA brings to mind things like lack of wheelchair access, acceptance of service animals, and accommodations for individuals with hearing and Read More

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What’s Good for the Goose… Part 2a – Asset Sale, the Seller’s Perspective- Obligated to Keep Certain Assets and Liabilities.

In Part 2b of our series “The Pros and Cons of Components of a Business Purchase and Sale from the Buyer’s and Seller’s perspective” we will look at the potential disadvantages a seller could face if the sale of his or her business is structured as an asset purchase as opposed to a stock (in Read More

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The Keys to Success

Everybody wants to be a part of the “next big thing.” Today’s consumer-driven economy pushes out new retail market concepts daily and they fail just as often. If timed correctly, an entrepreneur can ride the wave of a new retail concept to a very profitable and sustainable franchise-based business. Some franchise concepts last what seems Read More

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