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Extroversion vs. Introversion: Learning How to Adapt to a Client’s Personality

As a business, The Strong Firm understands the value of knowing and utilizing personality types within the firm to promote synergy amongst the staff in order to meet client objectives and deadlines.  Recently, the firm brought in a personality assessment specialist to administer the Myer Briggs personality assessment test on all employees.  Not only was Read More

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Beware of Unintended Partnership: Planning your Business Relationships

A partnership is the default business arrangement between two or more individuals that go into business together.  Therefore, the failure to define the understood business arrangement between two or more people can result in litigation asserting that a common law partnership was formed.  Indeed, partnership litigation often catches at least one “partner” completely off guard Read More

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Commercial Tenant Eviction

Although a commercial tenant does not have the same statutory protections provided to residential tenants, there are still specific legal procedures, as outlined in the commercial lease and the Texas Property Code which are vital to a proper eviction process.  Below is a rough outline of some considerations important in a commercial eviction: Step 1 Read More

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Know Your Role: Fiduciary Duties of the Corporate Director

For most legal issues, Texas corporations are governed by the Texas Business Organizations Code.  However, one topic that is not expressly addressed is the fiduciary duties of corporate directors.  Instead, case law has established the principle that directors owe their corporations three general fiduciary duties: a duty of obedience, a duty of care, and a Read More

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