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Planning Parent II: Fit your Plan to your Families’ Strengths

Every employer knows that different employees have different strengths and weaknesses.  Likewise, most parents will concede that each of their children have different strengths and weaknesses.  Successful employers look for an employee’s strengths and weaknesses and match the employee’s strengths to the needs of the company.  Conversely, if you take that same employer and place Read More

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I Received a Bounced Check, Now What?

One question that we occasionally receive from clients is, “We received a payment from a customer and the check bounced.  What do we do now?”  While this is a situation that no business wants to find themselves in, it is one that almost every business owner will experience at least once, but more likely several Read More

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War in the Courtroom: The Five Dangerous Faults in Litigation

Litigation has many parallels to war. So, when I evaluate a new case, I sometimes look at it as planning for a protracted military campaign. In this regard, I have found Sun Tzu’s The Art of War to be most instructive. While there are countless lessons to be drawn from that text, my focus will Read More

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“New Year’s (Business) Resolutions”

Every year as the holidays approach, many of us find ourselves thinking back on the past year’s successes and items to improve on.  We consider the highs and the lows, and we start looking toward the coming year.  The classic “New Year’s Resolution” is often looked at as a chance to kick a bad habit Read More

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