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Holiday Gifting

Holiday Gifting The holiday season is fast approaching and for many people, this is a time of exchanging gifts with family or charitable giving.  Those who choose to make large gifts to individuals during this time should be aware of the annual exclusion amount set by the IRS.  The annual exclusion is the amount in Read More

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Dread Holiday Parties

It is that time of year when holiday party invitations start rolling in the mail.  For some, the enormous amount of holiday invitations and events can become overwhelming.  The reality is, we are all obligated to attend certain holiday parties, but instead of approaching the upcoming party season with dread, consider the following 5 reasons Read More

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Planning for Your Children’s Success: Concerns of a Business Owning Parent

According to the Family Business Institute, only 30% of family businesses survive beyond the first generation.  [].  While there are a variety of reasons why family businesses fail in subsequent generations, it is generally agreed that careful and intentional planning is a key component to reducing that risk.  []. An early consideration is whether your Read More

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“Seller Financing: The Purchase of a New Business”

One of the first questions that a buyer and seller of a business has to answer is how the purchase will be funded.  While being able to purchase a new business with cash at closing is of often ideal, it is often not possible.  Having the seller of the business finance all or part of Read More

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Living Will v. Last Will and Testament

An estate plan can be described in two major parts:  documents that speak for you while you are alive and those which speak for you after you pass away.  Both a Living Will and a Last Will and Testament are important legal documents that speak for you at different times.  Every adult should take the Read More

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