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Organic Diversity

The Flaws of Formal Diversity Programs There has been a lot of talk over the past several years in the United States about diversity in the workplace and its impact on productivity and innovation within organizations.  A recent Harvard Business Review article (December 2013) concluded that diversity in an organization “unlocks innovation and drives market Read More

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To Sue or not to Sue? A 3-Step Approach to Answering the Ultimate Question

For me, one of the setbacks of practicing law, namely civil litigation, is that I am no longer able to watch legal-based television shows or movies without pointing out the multitude of inaccuracies and ultimately ruining the viewing experience for everyone I am with.  TV and the Internet are such vital components to our society, Read More

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The Truth v. the Whole Truth: Why You Should Tell Your Lawyer Everything

There is an old saying in the legal profession that goes “Your client’s case will never look better than the day it walks in the door.” That saying has certainly proven true in my experience. In the first client meeting, we only hear one side of the story, and most people have a tendency to Read More

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Pick Your Fights (and Battlefields) Wisely: Negotiating Forum Selection Clauses

A venue selection provision is a provision in a contract that sets the geographical location where any disputes arising under the contract must be litigated.  Venue selection provisions can be very helpful where the parties to the contract are located (or have locations) in more than one county or state because they can settle not Read More

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Office Buildings vs. Oil Wells

For several years now, The Woodlands, Texas has been booming for real estate in general and for commercial development in particular.  Even before that time it was an active area for companies exploring and producing oil and gas.  This combination can cause commercial developers significant issues not typically encountered elsewhere. In the state of Texas, Read More

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